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Top 5 Courses Offered By JBIMS

Listed in this article are the best courses offered by JBIMS along with their significance!

JBIMS offers diverse courses for different career goals. Whether it’s the leading MMS program or specialized courses like M.Sc. Finance, each course prepares students for success. With practical learning and academic excellence, JBIMS is a top choice for management education in India.


Founded in 1965 by the University of Mumbai, JBIMS is a leading B-school in India. It offers India’s first full-time 2-year Masters in Management Studies (MMS) and is renowned for its prestigious reputation and strong industry connections. With a full-time faculty in core management disciplines, JBIMS provides both full-time and part-time management programs. Its proximity to India’s commercial hub enhances its ties with corporate leaders, esteemed alumni, and distinguished visiting faculty, providing students with valuable industry insights and skills.

Master of Management Studies

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies offers a 2-year full-time management programme called “Master in Management Studies” (M.M.S.). This program covers key areas of business and management, focusing strongly on both entrepreneurial and managerial skills. It addresses various management challenges and emphasizes decision-making from a management perspective.

The course is divided into four semesters over two years, with a summer internship project lasting 8-12 weeks between the second and third semesters (in May, June, and July). In the second year, students choose a specialization from five areas: Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, and Systems.

Master of Science in Finance

The Masters in Finance program is a unique two-year course, recommended by former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. It aims to shape future financial leaders, with a curriculum inspired by the London School of Economics. The program goes beyond theory, blending insights from finance professors and industry experts in statistics, business strategy, and operations research.

Masters in Human Resource Development

The “Masters in Human Resource Development (MHRD)” is a two-year full-time master’s degree program that began in 2019. Designed for individuals aspiring to specialize in Human Resource Management and aims to cultivate HR leaders who are fully integrated into the business as partners. The program features a comprehensive curriculum comprising courses in both Management and HR. These multidisciplinary courses are crucial for skills in strategic planning and decision-making.

Part Time MMS Degree Programme

  • Master of Management Studies- Information Management (MMS-IM)- Masters of Management Studies (MMS) in Information Technology prepares students to understand and apply core competencies in the IT sector. The program develops skills in supervision, IT industry operations, and entrepreneurship. Students learn about Finance, Operations, Marketing, and Human Resource Management as applied in IT. Real-life experience is gained after the first year. Graduates have opportunities in top IT sectors, MNCs, corporate houses, and the education sector. The course duration is three years, divided into six semesters, focusing on IT sectors and entrepreneurship.
  • Master of Management Studies- Financial Management (MMS-FM)- MMS Financial Management is a three-year postgraduate degree divided into six semesters, focusing on developing financial management skills. Industry experts from sectors like Investment Banking, Operations, and Law share their knowledge. The curriculum covers core areas of financial management with managerial applications, preparing students for professional examinations such as CFA, FRM, etc. Graduates find opportunities in private equity, investment banking, corporate accounting, entrepreneurship, trading, finance, stock, and risk analysis. Job opportunities include roles like Management Consultant, Business Manager, Hedge Fund Manager, Project Manager, Investment Banker, Private Equity, and Corporate Finance.
  • Master of Management Studies- Marketing Management (MMS-MM)- MMS in Marketing is a three-year postgraduate program focusing on marketing. It prepares graduates for careers in Marketing Management, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Salesforce Management, and Sales Analysis. Job opportunities include roles such as Digital Marketer, Brand Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst, and Marketing Consultant. The course is divided into six semesters, providing deep knowledge in marketing and sales, with hands-on experience in creating integrated marketing communications through digital and social media.
  • Master of Management Studies – Human Resource Development Management (MMS-HRDM)- MMS in Human Resource Development Management (HRDM) is a three-year postgraduate degree focusing on HR. Graduates are prepared for careers in HR, with expertise in new labor legislation, global HRM, stress management, and communication skills for managers. Job opportunities include HR officer, office manager, HR recruiting manager, business adviser, and more. The course provides in-depth knowledge about human resources management.

Ph.D. Programme in Management Studies

JBIMS offers a Ph.D. (Management Studies) program through its well-recognized research center affiliated with the University of Mumbai. The program is designed for students interested in management teaching, research, and consultancy. The main objectives of the program are to:

  • Develop management teachers with the skills needed to educate business school students.
  • Cultivate academicians with a research-oriented mindset to address contemporary management issues.

Why Join JBIMS?

Shaping Leaders and Entrepreneurs For 57 Years- Founded in 1965, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, has an exceptional reputation for producing leaders and entrepreneurs across various industries through its well-structured management programs.

Renowned Faculties– JBIMS has a faculty known for their strong academic and research achievements. The mix of permanent and visiting faculty brings a wide range of knowledge from different areas and industries, making learning at JBIMS unique.

Knowledge Hub- JBIMS is a great place for students interested in business management studies. The library is a treasure trove with 65,000 titles and access to online and print academic content.

Endowment Fund by MMS 1990 Batch

The MMS batch of 1990, celebrating 25 years since graduating from JBIMS, has set up a fund to help current MMS students. They provide interest-free loans to students who are economically backward but show merit and need. Candidates are selected based on their application and an interview conducted by MMS Batch of 1990 graduates and a JBIMS faculty member. The loan covers up to 50% of the total fee and is repaid after the student gets a job.

JBIMS, with over 57 years of legacy, is known for its top-ranked management programs producing CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders. The institute offers engaging classes, seminars, and workshops led by world-class faculty. The curriculum includes innovative thinking and encouraging students to realize their full potential. Apart from academics, students can pursue personal interests like social service and sports. Join JBIMS to experience excellence and unleash your potential!


Which academic programs does JBIMS offer?

JBIMS offers various two-year classroom programs like MMS, MHRD, and MSc Finance. There’s also a three-year part-time MMS program for working individuals. The institute has recently introduced a PhD program in management.

Is the MBA/MAH-CET exam the sole entry requirement for the MMS course at JBIMS?

To get into the MMS program at JBIMS, you can take the MAH-MBA CET, CAT, or CMAT exams. Selection is through the common admission process (CAP Rounds) conducted by DTE, Maharashtra.

What is Smt Jyoti Dwivedi Memorial Scholarship Awards?

These grants support bright students facing financial difficulties. The scholarship provides two deserving students with a core grant of Rs. 100,000 each for their education fees.

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