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Top 8 Generative AI Courses to Do in 2024

Generative AI refers to a branch of artificial intelligence that has the ability to produce various forms of content such as images, text, audio, music, and videos through trained models. It has gained significant prominence in the technical realm, evident in the availability of tools like ChatGPT, VAE, Bard, and others online. Explore the article to discover some of the best generative AI courses accessible on the internet.

Why Should You Dive into Generative AI in 2024?

Generative AI, an advanced tool within artificial intelligence, has the remarkable ability to generate diverse content forms including images, audio, text, video, and automated solutions. Positioned at the forefront of technological evolution, Generative AI is swiftly becoming the cornerstone of the tech industry. Major organizations are already embracing its potential, with leading tech firms integrating AI into their daily workflows and actively engaging in its development and collaboration.

While concerns persist about artificial intelligence replacing human roles, the emergence of Generative AI promises to open new avenues of opportunity. These AI tools are poised to enhance our efficiency significantly, capable of producing realistic and high-quality content. To capitalize on the potential of artificial intelligence, numerous online courses are available. Explore the article to discover some of the top courses in this field.

  • Career Opportunities: Generative AI courses can open up a wide array of career paths in AI and related fields.
  • Diverse Applications: Generative AI has applications across various industries, offering versatility in career choices.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Learn to innovate and create using Generative AI tools, fostering creativity in your work.
  • Problem-Solving: Develop skills to solve complex problems using Generative AI models.
  • Understanding Complex Models: Gain insights into complex AI models and their workings, enhancing your understanding of AI.
  • Academic and Research Pursuits: Generative AI courses can support academic and research endeavours in AI.
  • Personal Projects: Use Generative AI for personal projects and hobbies, expanding your skills and interests.
  • Collaboration with Experts: Collaborate with AI experts and professionals, enriching your learning experience.
  • Ethical Considerations: Understand the ethical implications of AI technology, ensuring responsible use of Generative AI.

Top Generative AI Courses In 2024 

Some of the best generative AI courses are available below.

Data Science with Generative AI by PW Skills

PW Skills offers a comprehensive Generative AI course integrated with Data Science, designed to help participants grasp key concepts and unlock the potential of generative AI. This course equips candidates with the skills to integrate generative AI models into data science workflows. Participants will delve into advanced tools such as NumPy, Python, ChatGPT, Flask, PyTorch, DaLLE, Scikit Learn, Lang Chain, Jupyter, and more. Industry-level experts will provide tutoring throughout the course.

The course is online via the PW Skills platform. Spanning six months, the program includes industry-relevant projects, skill-enhancement exercises, personalized doubt-clearing sessions, certification, placement assistance, assignments, and more.

GenAI Pinnacle Program by Analytics Vidhya

The GenAI Pinnacle Program by Analytics Vidhya is meticulously crafted to cultivate expertise in Generative AI and specialize in Large Language Models (LLMs). This intensive program features over 200 hours of immersive learning, encompassing 26+ state-of-the-art tools and providing hands-on engagement with 10+ real-world projects. Participants can take advantage of personalized 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, customized success roadmaps, and a curriculum that covers Large Language Models, Stable Diffusion Models, Reinforcement Learning, and other advanced topics.

Building Generative Adversarial Networks by Udacity

Udacity’s Generative AI course focuses on teaching candidates about deep convolutional Generative AI networks, enabling them to create realistic images, videos, and more. This course, available on Udacity, spans a duration of 4 weeks. Enrolled candidates gain access to real-world projects and receive completion certificates upon finishing the course.

Participants will also delve into topics like generative Adversarial networks, model evaluation, deep learning techniques, and image generation. Here are some key lessons covered in the course:

  • Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Training a Deep Convolutional GANs
  • Image-to-Image Translation
  • Modern GANs
  • Face Generation

The course offers various monthly packages, providing candidates with unlimited access and personalized project reviews.

Deep GenerativeAI Models at Udemy

Digital Tech Academy offers a Generative AI course on Udemy, where students explore generative AI concepts such as stable diffusion, GANs, and VAEs using Colab and Python. This course is designed to teach students about Deep Generative Models and how machines generate art. Through hands-on learning with deep learning frameworks like PyTorch, students gain insights into model implementation. They learn how these models function and how to apply them to generate images for various fields, including graphics, art, advertising, and more.

Getting Started with Generative AI API Specialization at Coursera

This free enrolment course offers an introduction to OpenAI APIs and Python programming. Led by expert instructors, the course navigates learners through the intricacies of Generative AI. Participants will learn to generate text to enhance ChatBot development, interact with the ChatGPT API, and create and manipulate images. Upon completion, learners receive a certificate from Codio, which can be shared on social media, included in performance reviews, or added to LinkedIn profiles, resumes, or CVs.

This course, “Getting Started with Generative AI API,” is the first in a three-course specialization series. It is followed by the following two courses:

  • Images with DALL-E (10 hours)
  • Generating code with ChatGPT API (9 hours)

Generative AI in Action: Solving Complex Business Problems at ADaSci

This course offers a comprehensive understanding of generative AI fundamentals and explores its application in solving business challenges. Participants will leverage large datasets to train advanced AI models, enabling them to tackle complex business issues such as fraud detection, risk management, personalized marketing and more. You will also learn to use generative AI models for underwriting & other documentation purposes.

Generative AI: From Big Picture to Idea to Implementation by Udemy

Offered on Udemy, this course is created by Martin Musial, a data scientist at IBM, and provides a unique approach to understanding Generative AI. Unlike traditional courses, it focuses on ideating new Generative AI models for specific application fields. The course aims to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of Gen AI and equip them with the tools to effectively embark on new Gen AI projects. Upon completion, participants receive a shareable certificate of completion.

To enrol in this course, candidates should have a foundational knowledge of programming, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, which will facilitate a better understanding of the concepts presented.

Introduction To Learning Generative AI by Google 

Google Cloud offers numerous courses focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning, providing candidates with a comprehensive overview of generative AI concepts. The course is segmented into five distinct packages.

  • Introduction to Generative AI
  • Introduction to Large Langauge Models
  • Introduction to Responsible AI
  • Generative AI Fundamentals
  • Responsible AI: Applying AI Principles with Google Cloud


The highlighted generative AI courses featured here cater to individuals of diverse backgrounds, offering them the essential skills and knowledge to embrace this groundbreaking technology. With specialized content tailored to explore both artistic endeavours and practical applications, these courses pave the way for learners to delve into the realm of generative AI. Embrace the potential of generative AI, unlock fresh opportunities, and shape the future landscape.


What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is an artificial intelligence concept that can create images, text, audio, music, videos and other content with the help of training models.

Is investing time in learning Generative AI worthwhile?

Indeed, Generative AI is poised to be the future of the tech world, given its current dominance in major organizations. Leading tech firms are actively engaged in developing and integrating AI into their daily workflows, highlighting its significant role in shaping future work cultures.

Where can we find some of the top generative AI courses?

Explore some of the premier Generative AI courses offered by PW Skills, Google, Udacity, Coursera, Udemy, and more. For detailed information, refer to the article.

Where can we start with Generative AI?

Begin your journey by identifying a problem that can be addressed using generative AI. Next, look for suitable online courses. At PW Skills, we offer comprehensive generative AI courses alongside Data Science training.



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