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Top 10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs to look at in 2024

Let's explore the backgrounds of some of India's leading entrepreneurs, each with a distinctive story of perseverance and achievement.

These entrepreneurs are changing the game in advertising and promoting simpler living. They’re all about innovation, resilience, and making a real difference. Let’s take a closer look at some of India’s top entrepreneurs, each with an inspiring story of hard work and success.

10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Are

Basesh Gala

Basesh Gala, founder of 39 Solutions Group, is a renowned business mentor, investor, and industry leader. With a strong IT engineering background and a Bravo World Record for Highest Family Business Mentoring, Basesh guides 39 Solutions Group to support Indian SMEs, family businesses, and entrepreneurs. His mentorship, enriched by practical industry experience, focuses on enhancing entrepreneurs’ skills in marketing, finance, sales, and people management. Basesh’s goal to double profits and triple productivity aims to empower 1 million Indian entrepreneurs, establishing him as a key figure in business mentoring and leadership coaching.

Durvesh Yadav

Durvesh Yadav, a young entrepreneur and author, is a standout figure in India’s business scene. At just 23, he founded Rising Star Communication, a PR and digital marketing agency. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Durvesh is not only the agency’s Chairman but also the Founder of Rising Star Youth Foundation. He’s a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and skilled marketer. Recognized for his expertise and innovative ideas, Durvesh Yadav is definitely one of the top 10 entrepreneurs to keep an eye on in 2024.

Bipin Bopanna

Bipin Bopanna is a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. He’s the CEO and founder of Affluent Marketing, a dynamic agency that helps small and medium-sized businesses grow using Facebook ads and funnel services. He also runs Affluent Coaching, where he teaches 21st-century high-income skills to help people break free from the 9-to-5 routine. Bipin is the creator of the Freelanpreneur movement, where he mentors thousands, making him a recognized figure in the field.

Dhiraj Merani

Dhiraj Merani, CEO and Founder of Digital Mojo, is a visionary leader known for changing brand stories in digital marketing. With top-notch education from Johnson and Wales University, USA, and certification from IIM Kashipur, Dhiraj’s expertise has propelled Digital Mojo to the top. As founder of the Academy of Internet Marketing (AIM), he has trained over 500 students, shaping the future of digital marketing. Dhiraj’s commitment to excellence and passion for digital innovation drive Digital Mojo’s success, making it a leader in impactful brand storytelling.

Sandeep Pingale

Sandeep Pingale is a dedicated civil engineer with extensive experience, including designing a G+81-story structure in Dubai. After the 2010 recession, he returned to India and founded E-Construct Design and Build Private Limited, offering comprehensive civil engineering solutions. Recognizing a gap between academic curricula and industry demands, he established an ON-JOB Learning Centre for students and professionals, providing quality training.

Shyamala Krishnamurthy

Shyamala Krishnamurthy, co-founder of Kana Mattress, is a prominent entrepreneur in India. She leads an eco-friendly business focused on making sustainable, natural mattresses. Coming from academia, Shyamala offers a unique perspective to entrepreneurship. She is driven by a mission to provide toxin-free sleep solutions and holistic comfort products. Kana Mattress, under Shyamala’s leadership, is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to environmental sustainability. Her goal is to establish Kana Mattress as a global brand, making a big impact on a greener planet.

Rachna Kacker

Rachna Kacker, a Mumbai-based entrepreneur, is making waves with her innovative concept – Zen Sort for “Decluttering and organizing to live a Life that Sparks Joy.” Founder of Messmerize India, Rachna is a leading KonMari Gold Consultant trained by Marie Kondo. She combines the KonMari method with holistic living, focusing on the unity of mind, body, and spirit. Rachna aims to create a clutter-free society and plans to turn this sector into a Billion Dollar Industry in India through her upcoming Consultant Program for women. Her certification program also helps individuals enhance their IQ and EQ for success in both personal and professional spheres.

Vikram Bansal

Vikram Bansal, Founder and Managing Director of Nirvay Solutions Pvt. Ltd., has a journey marked by determination and success. After studying at Giani Zail Singh College of Engineering and Technology in Bathinda, Punjab, Vikram gained experience at companies like Advance Ventilation and Voltas. These experiences taught him the value of a Customer-Centric Approach and fueled his entrepreneurial dreams. In 2011, Vikram founded Nirvay Solutions Pvt. Ltd., driven by his commitment to learning and exploring new business avenues.

Rajeev Sikka

Rajeev Sikka, a seasoned real estate investment consultant, brings a wealth of experience to the industry. With a background in chemical engineering and a successful stint in the corporate world, Rajeev transitioned to real estate in Faridabad. Leveraging meticulous investment strategies, he has yielded profitable returns and emerged as a trusted consultant. Rajeev’s focus on location, approvals, builder vision, and pricing sets him apart, making him a valuable guide in real estate investment.

Geeta Chopra

Geeta Chopra is the visionary founder of Ray Business Solutions India, a leading provider of automation services. With over twelve years of industry experience, Geeta is known for her expertise in business process automation and systemization. She holds an MBA in HR and Marketing from GJU Hisar and started her career focusing on improving business processes, which led her to discover her passion for automation. She founded Ray Business Solutions India in November 2020, where she specializes in providing customized solutions to address business challenges with a practical approach. Her company focuses on customer-centricity and easy-to-implement solutions for automating processes, reducing employee dependency, and enhancing efficiency.

Here are a few trends that we believe will shape the transformative year of 2024 for startups

Diverse Industries: Startups are now venturing beyond technology into various traditional sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, B2B supply chain, and agriculture. The wave of innovation is reaching across a wide spectrum of industries!

Quality is prioritized over quantity in the current funding environment, leading to a new wave of entrepreneurs who are exceptionally driven and focused. Starting their journey now, they face fewer distractions and less competition, giving them a unique advantage in attaining and perfecting their product-market fit.

The rise of student entrepreneurship: Launching a business is increasingly considered a conventional career path, particularly among students. A wave of youthful, energetic startups driven by creative thinkers keen to challenge the current norms is on the horizon.

Capital Efficiency: The prevailing theme for 2024 is ‘capital efficiency.’ Companies will prioritize establishing strong unit economics from the outset. This involves more strategic allocation of resources, streamlined operations, and a focused approach to growth.


The entrepreneurs mentioned above have not only achieved success but have also significantly contributed to the growth and evolution of their industries. Their accomplishments continue to inspire, showcasing the dynamism and innovation at the core of the Indian entrepreneurial world.

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