6 Proven ways to Improve Your English Speaking Fluency

As per researchers, humans who know two or more international languages have a good presence of mind and more grasping power. So if you are not a native English speaker and learning English then it will definitely boost your mind. However,  it’s not an easy task to make a good command over English.

As a non-native English speaker, we understand what difficulties learners face on English speaking, reading, and writing skills. If you are really interested to make your English fluent then you have to spend some fixed hours daily as per your current ability. Follow these tips to improve your English speaking fluency:

1. Read Newspapers, Books, and Magazines

Reading is the best approach if you want to improve your English speaking fluency. Read the topics on which you have interests. Most of the people feel bored on reading newspapers and books so they prefer magazines. I have noticed many of learners read by the mind. So you have to ignore it and always read by running lips.

2. Watch Favourite Shows and Movies

Make a routine to watch your favorite English movies and shows daily. If possible try to download English subtitles and display it on the screens so you can make your vocabulary strong. Human mind captures and remembers well by watching as compared to reading, writing, and listening.

3. Listen to English Songs

Keep some good songs of your choice and listen in free times. Beginners can’t understand the lyrics of the song when they listen the first time. So, always try to first read the lyrics of the song and then listen to it. This will improve your English grasping power. And, after some days you must notice that you can understand the lyrics well.

4. Chat Over Social Networking Sites

Chatting is very helpful to make some good friends over Social networking sites who speak English well or who belongs from native English speaking countries. Chat with them regularly and clear your doubts by asking them. If you get a chance to talk with them over voice chat then it will improve your English very soon.

5. Talk in Front of Mirror

If you feel awkward to speak in English in groups, stages and public places then talking in English with yourself in front of the mirror will improve your these lacking capabilities. If you are good in reading and writing but not in speaking then start with this step by talking in front of the mirror, it will improve your confidence level little by little and boost your speaking fluency.

6. Participate in Group Conversations

Become an active participant in English group conversations. I know it’s very difficult to speak English in the group but it will improve your speaking skills a lot better. Participating in group conversations will also improve your speaking fluency, accent and stage fear.

Do these things at home, on your own time. You will realize that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive English language courses or in English speaking software!