The 5 Best-paying Jobs for Women in India

A large number of females in developing countries like China taking part in their country’s workforce and leaves India behind in Female workforce Rate. China also outpaces India in Female Education rate. Females workforce in India is depreciated by 11 percent in past decade and recorded as low female workforce participation rate. The major factors behind this low participation rate are lack of good jobs, less income, and gender inequality.

Top five countries with Highest Females workforce participation rate (in decreasing order) are Netherlands, China, Brazil, United States, and Russia. India ranks on the 14th position with highest women workforce.

India ranks on the 14th position with highest women workforce.

Out of Seven college-graduates females in India only One female work as full-time permanent jobs. In India socio-economic environment, females are very confused in the early stage of their college education that which profession is best to work as a full-time after Graduate without any hindrance of a family.

The below are the best professions for females in India where they can make more earnings than males:

1. Pharma & Healthcare

India makes a good image in the world for medical tourism facilities. Healthcare sector in India is booming and generated a need for highly-skilled medical practitioners. Around 42.4 percent of Females in India are working in this sector. Some of the best occupations in this sector are physician, surgeon, physical therapist, dentist, pharmacist.

2. Software & Information Technology

IT industry in India is booming very well and it’s generated a large number of IT Jobs in Top-tier cities. This sector still needs highly skilled employees from the same field.  Around 28.5 percent of females working this sector in India. Other than this 38 % of females are working in BPOs & ITES offices which are a part of IT industry.

3. Banking, Finance & Insurance

This one is the third attractive job sector for females. Most of the girls in India are looking for full-time Bank jobs. The major reasons females working in the Banking sector are work environment, good pay & perks, social status, and career growth. Bank PO, Auditor & Accountant jobs are good positions in this industry. You can prepare for Govt Banks Jobs from good coaching institutes after graduation and make a full-time career in this field.

4. Teaching

Teaching profession is one of the best professions for females. Due to work environment and the social status majority of females want to work as a teacher. In past decades a large number of school, colleges, and universities started in India. The Government initiatives for skilled India creates a huge number of jobs for Teachers & Professors in the education sector. This sector is going to create a maximum number of jobs in India.

5. Hospitality & Travel

Hospitality and Travel sector provides a very exciting job opportunities. The most attractive occupation in this industry is Airline air hostess, Hotel Management, Event planners, and designers. Around 33 percent of females in India are engaged in this sector. This sector gives you a great opportunity to move around the world.