Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Courses For Entrepreneurs & Students

You have an idea. You research about your idea. You come up with referential data. You collect the required resources. You’re ready to bring about your own start up. You start building on it. You launch it into the market. But what is one of the main things you are forgetting? That’s right, it’s marketing!

It is not easy for any product, service or business to survive and strive without marketing. It is a way to announce your arrival into the industry, connect with your customers, initiate sales, build a network and progress your way through competition.

Conventional methods of marketing highly depended on goodwill and word of mouth. Over time, marketing evolved to include print ads like posters, banners and newspaper ads, among other marketing gigs. With the invention of the radio came radio ads followed by television ads.

The internet is a relatively recent development. No one anticipated the heights the internet could reach. Even so, this technology still knows no limits. The internet brought with it many social media apps and other crucial digital media platforms that brought the world closer together and helped build and maintain global communication.

Apart from personal and government use, businesses, too, started taking to digital media and now it has becomes one of the biggest and most important forms of communication and marketing. Most businesses now treat digital marketing with as much importance as the other departments involved.

Some companies have their own in house digital marketing team. Some companies prefer to outsource these services. Digital Marketing has now become a different business of its own. Today there exist companies that provide various kinds of digital marketing services and this business will only grow over the coming years.

Looking at the expanding demand, a lot of people are turning into digital enthusiasts. If you find your interest in digital marketing or want to make a career in the said field, the below listed free online courses will definitely be of immense help.

Learning with audio, video and text!

These websites offer a large amount of study data. The courses are made available for access through computers / laptops and mobile phones, too. These online lectures are usually pre-recorded or live interaction sessions.

Content on these sites is in the form of audio, video and text. Some courses have a limited period update while some courses keep their course session open throughout. Their study material is recorded and saved in the audio – video format. A written script is also available for those who prefer reading. Once a class is attended, the material remains available for future reference.

These courses could be from 6 hours to 60 hours, too. Some courses start right from the beginner level. Some go up to medium. There are a few courses that go even higher.

Most courses follow a similar study pattern. Most lectures are followed up with tests and quizzes. After a few topics are covered, a general test is drawn up that is usually in the form of MCQs or short open ended questions. Tests are based on study material provided and even practical assessment situations. These tests allow the application of theories to test the candidate’s understanding and grasp.

Most courses are certified ones. Some ask for a nominal payment to issue the certificate. Some courses are free, right from the study material provided to the tests and online exams conducted to issuing the certificate.

Once the candidate has cleared the assessment test, the certificate is issues through the e-mail from the verified link and e-mail ID of the concerned academy or website issuing the same.

The below listed sites provide a free online certified course in Digital Marketing and are reputed verified websites.

  1. Courses by Google (Analytics, Digital Unlocked, Google Ads)
  2. Inbound Digital Marketing by HubSpot Academy
  3. Microsoft Advertising Training Course
  4. Facebook Blueprint (Free, Paid)
  5. Twitter Flight School

If you are looking to switch to media or marketing or both, this is definitely your guide to get there. Digital Marketing is a growing business with a constant demand for new ideas and skills which is always going to be an asset, no matter what field or industry you set foot in. it’s time to digitalize.