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Top 5 Phrases Top Employees Use to Shine, according to Harvard Career Adviser

Gorick Ng, who is also a Harvard University career adviser, trains young professionals and their managers at Fortune 500 companies including GE, IBM, and Aon.


Gorick Ng helps people kick off their careers with a bang. He’s a great career adviser; the kind who knows the secrets to success and shares them with first-gen college students and pros. At UC Berkeley, he teaches what he knows best, and his book, “The Unspoken Rules,” is a hit.

Ng isn’t just about books and lectures. He’s out there training the next wave of talent at big-name companies like GE, IBM, and Aon. He’s seen it all, from who gets promoted to who gets left behind.

He says, “Your words and how you say them can shape how others see you at work and where you end up.” For young pros, showing you’re competent, committed, and a team player is key. Doing your job is one thing, but there’s more to it if you want to succeed.

In an easier language what he means is that the way you talk and express yourself at work can affect how your colleagues and bosses view you, which can impact your career path. For young professionals, it’s important to demonstrate that you’re skilled, dedicated, and can work well with others. Just doing your job isn’t always enough; you need to show these qualities to get ahead in your career.

He’s got these top 5 tips from successful pros:

1) Ask about top priorities. Focus on what’s most important for your team.

2) Understand how things work. Don’t just do the task; know why it matters.

3) Offer help. Don’t wait to be asked; find ways to be useful.

4) Join in. Don’t sit back; take the initiative and get involved.

5) Set the context. Give enough background to make sure others understand you.

‘It’s about showing that you’re committed to your work, capable of handling challenges, and ready to learn and grow. When you demonstrate commitment, you’re telling your team and managers that you’re dedicated to achieving goals. Being capable means, you’re not just doing your job; you’re doing it well and looking for ways to improve. Showing that you’re ready to learn and grow proves that you’re not satisfied with the status quo; you want to expand your skills and take on new challenges. By using these tips and phrases, you can stand out and succeed in your career’-Says Gorick Ng

To Sum Up

In simple terms, following Gorick Ng‘s advice can help you stand out and succeed in your career. Show that you’re committed, capable, and ready to learn and grow. Using these tips and phrases can make a big difference in your career journey.

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