Monday, June 24, 2024
Top 5 Phrases Top Employees Use to Shine, according to Harvard Career Adviser
Overview Gorick Ng helps people kick off their careers with a bang. He's a great career adviser; the kind who knows the secrets to success and shares them with first-gen college students and pros. At UC Berkeley, he teaches what he knows best, and his book, "The Unspoken Rules," is a hit. Ng isn't just about books and lectures. He's out...
6 Best AI Tools for Coding 2024
This article explores AI coding assistants, innovative tools that benefit coders at all skill levels, not just experts. Discover the top AI tools that enhance coding experiences and streamline the process. Before we delve into specific tools, let’s gain a comprehensive understanding of AI coding tools. What is an AI Tool, and How is it Used for Coding? An AI coding...

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Top 8 Generative AI Courses to Do in 2024

Top 8 Generative AI Courses to Do in 2024

Generative AI refers to a branch of artificial intelligence that has the ability to produce various forms of content such as images, text, audio,...
Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Courses For Entrepreneurs & Students

Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Courses For Marketers and Beginners

You have an idea. You research about your idea. You come up with referential data. You collect the required resources. You’re ready to bring...

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As the education landscape continues to evolve, these institutions remain steadfast in their pursuit of producing well-rounded, industry-ready professionals.
Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) continue to stand as premier education hubs in India, with a wealth of institutions offering MBA programs that consistently rank among the country's best. In our exploration of the "Top 10 MBA Colleges in Delhi/NCR 2024," we look into these academic powerhouses,...
Top 10 AI Jobs & Salary Offered in 2024
The AI revolution presents a unique chance for expansion and creativity, making a career in AI incredibly fulfilling. With industries like healthcare and space exploration adopting AI, the need for skilled experts is increasing rapidly. Being part of the AI field not only puts you at the cutting edge...
2018 onwards, India’s ‘demographic golden period’ has already begun. The demographic dividend, that is, the working population is higher than the dependent population. In simpler terms, the number of people able and eligible to work is higher than those unable or ineligible. This shift in age structure has great...

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Free Online Courses

Imagine a machine that can organize your cupboard just the way you like it or serve each member of the house a customized cup...
60+ Free Online Certification Courses From Different Fields and Branches

60+ Best Free Online Certification Courses in 2020

Who would have thought that science would lead to such great innovations? Remember how your grandparents told you about their schooling days? They’d walk...
Rising Cost of Higher Education

The Rising Cost of Education In India

The rising cost of higher education shows a rapid growth in the education sector with a market worth of around Rs. 708000 Crores for current year-2017....