Artificial Intelligence or AI is that area of computer science that uses codes and programs to create intelligent machines to work like humans. Some machines perform to think, respond and function based on data that is decoded to resemble human stimuli.

There exists a network of neurons that replicate the structural functioning of a human brain. The smaller sub circuits of the network perform smaller tasks as part of a bigger problem. It is the work of the scientist(s) to collaborate these functions to deliver a cohesive performance of sorts.

For such advancing developments in the field of Science, scientists are required to study various branches of artificial intelligence and other related sciences. Likewise, for the application of this technology, many engineers are now learning different theories to help them develop software, applications and other forms of inventions.

These sciences range at different levels at varying depths of focus. Some courses are available online, too. The list below curates the top courses available for learning Artificial Intelligence and its related theories.

We researched several online artificial intelligent courses to compile our list of top picks. You will find classes from the leading online learning platforms — Coursera, EdX and Udemy.

Artificial Intelligence (Kellogg School of Management)

This program talks about how companies and start-ups look to use the AI to enjoy the technological benefits and sift through competition. AI helps to render services that work to provide a better customer experience. The key concepts help to understand the ideal application to devise profitable strategies. This program looks to focus on three key industries, namely, autonomous vehicle, financial services and healthcare / life sciences.

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Certification – Stanford University (Coursera)

Machine Learning is the science of building programmes to function independently without any additionally external commands or inputs. Like most areas of technology, this is a recent development and is only going to get more vast and dynamic. This programme outlines the framework of various concepts and provides an in-depth understanding of the theory as well as a platform for practical application through projects and assessment tests.

IBM Artificial Intelligence Engineering Professional Certificate (Coursera)

In partnership with IBM and Google, this programme includes five courses; IBM Applied AI, IBM AI Engineering, IBM Data Science, Google IT Support and Data Engineering with Google Cloud. Ranging from the beginner level to the intermediate, these courses provide a good in-depth understanding of the various topics divided conveniently into different lessons. IBM and Google are two of the top players of their game and learning from them is a very professionally healthy experience.

Artificial Intelligence : Business Strategies and Applications (Berkeley ExecEd)

This course talks about the integration between the technical know-hows and their application in the business sector. It aims to teach the skills of implementing better decision making and increase effectiveness and productivity in a given organization.

Deep Learning – Andrew Ng (Coursera)

Spawned across 5 courses, this programme ensures not only a theoretical understanding but also their practical industry application. Setting foot in different industries, this programme provides case studies to work on and learn the various nuances that accompany Deep Learning. Top industrial leaders eagerly joined hands to share their experience and give advice on certain anticipated hiccups.

Artificial Intelligence for Everyone – Andrew Ng (Coursera)

Artificial Intelligence proves its usefulness not just to engineers, but also to businessmen and that is exactly what this course aims to achieve. This course covers the topics of AI Terminology, AI Strategy, Workflow of Machine Learning Projects and Workflow of Data Science Projects. This course starts right at the beginner’s level and expects to span across approximately 9 hours for completion.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – IBM (Coursera)

This course covers terms like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks besides various concerns such as ethics and bias & jobs. The course also fosters practical application through a mini project as part of the curriculum. This course will help gain an insight into the how’s and the what’s of starting a business in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Microsoft Professional Certification in Artificial Intelligence (edX)

edX provides a range of courses on different subjects and topics. However, this section talks about courses on and related to Artificial Intelligence provided in partnership with Microsoft, experts hailing from the latter big name, being the teachers themselves. The areas of technology include Cloud Services, Mobile Development and Data Sciences and these courses can be taken by students and professionals alike.

TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence (Coursera)

TensorFlow stands as the framework to Machine Learning. This course teaches the concept of TensorFlow in order to understand the basic layout and the techniques of its application. This course provides the opportunity to acquire skills like Computer Vision, TensorFlow and Machine Learning.

If you have the interest to browse through online courses to learn and develop your skills or feed your curiosity, you should certainly check out the above mentioned courses. Invest your time and effort wisely.