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List of Toughest Examination in the World

List of Toughest Examination in the World

List of Toughest Examination in the WorldExaminations are always burdensome and stressful and for students throughout the career. None of the exams are easy in the world, but all exams have its own difficulty level. Arduous exams need hard work and patience to crack it. So, which exams are you going to prepare for this season?

Times Graduates compiled here the list of toughest examination in the world. If you are going to face one of these examinations then you must need lots of extra efforts and hard work to crack exams in first attempts. But don’t be panic and discourage yourself if you find your examination list here. But, you just have to make more attention from now.

Toughest Examination in the World.

Master Sommelier Diploma Exam

The Master Sommelier Exam is known for World toughest exam for expert winemakers. This exam has a pass rate of less than one percent. The eligibility for this exam requires 10 years of work experience and must be cleared the first three levels exams of Court of Master Sommeliers. The 4th level is Master Sommelier. This exam itself conduct in three parts: Theory, Service and Blind Tasting of Six wines. Candidates might clear the first two-part but third one Blind Tasting is a very difficult part where candidates have to identify the taste, region and year of wine. If candidates can’t able to clear all parts in three consecutive years then results resets to Zero and have to sit for all parts again.

All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam

All Solus Fellowship examination is conducted by All Souls College of Oxford University, which is known for the wealthiest college in Oxford. This competition conducted with two exams of three hours each per day. Top graduates are only eligible for this exam out of these only two candidates get selected for fellowship prize.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Exam

CFA exam is not for the academic programme but it’s a Professional certification program which is conducted by American based- CFA Institute. The CFA program is a globally recognized for the Standard for Measuring the competence and integrity of financial analysts. This minimum requirement for this exam includes a University Degree with four years of work experience in Finance, Banking or Investment sector.

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)

UPSC is the Central Agency of Government of India which conducts Civil Services Examinations such as Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS) etc. UPSC conducts this exam to recruit the extraordinary candidates for Government officials. This exam requires complete knowledge from every topic, subjects, and fields.

JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)

Joint Entrance Examination is conducted in India for candidates who want to pursue admission in Engineering Colleges (Undergraduate Level). The question level of JEE exam is very high and only 2% of students get selected in this exam for admission into Top-tier Institutes of Engineering (Indian Institute of Technology).

Gaokao (NHEEE)

The National Higher Education Entrance Examination (NHEEE) which is famously known as “Gaokao” in China. The NHEEE is a necessary exam for Chinese students who wish to pursue higher education. This examination is an entrance of all higher education institutions at the undergraduate level. This exam duration is 9 hours and conducted over a period of two days. Chinese Literature, English and Mathematics are common papers in this exam.


Mensa is a Non-profit Organisation, which is Largest and Oldest  High IQ Society in the world. Mena generally conducts an IQ test and accepted into the society who score 98% in the Intelligence test. The test is known for its arduous level of questions. The mission of this test is to identify human intelligence for the benefit of humanity and to encourage research into nature.


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