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TOEFL Test – iBT Exam Date | Syllabus | Pattern | Preparation

toefl exam syllabus pattern details date

toefl exam syllabus pattern details dateTest of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is the most reputed English language test conducted and accepted globally. TOEFL test is conducted by ETS for international students to examine the knowledge of English language in Intermediate and Advanced levels.

If you are a student and planning to study abroad in English-speaking countries then you are in right place and have to prepare for TOEFL exam. Students and Working Professionals who are applying for visas also need valid TOEFL score. Most of the students from all over the world who are pursuing admission in foreign universities for different academic programs like MBA, MS, B.Tech or Engineering opt for TOEFL exam for the application process.

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Value of TOFEL Test Score

TOEFL scores accepted by more than 95000 Universities/Colleges, and in over 135 countries worldwide. Most of the international students confused over IELTS and TOEFL exam as an English language test. Actually, the role of both examinations is same but TOEFL test score is more valid in North American and Canadian Universities. Whereas IELTS score is more valid in the countries such as UK, Australia, and New Zealand but they also accept TOEFL score.

TOEFL Test Date and Location

TOEFL Exam is conducted over 50 times in a year in major cities. There are no limits to the number of attempts one can sit in an exam. You can sit for exams as many times as you wish. To know about the TOEFL exam dates and location you must have to register in TOEFL official website. They will send you notifications on TOEFL exam dates and syllabus.

TOEFL iBT Test Fees

TOEFL Exam fees vary from country to country. TOEFL iBT Exams fees in Australia is $300, Fees in the India is $180, Fees in the UK is $200. Please register or crawl fees section in TOEFL official website to know TOEFL iBT Exam Fees in your country.

TOEFL Test Preparation and Planning

First, register 3 to 4 months before the exam. If you have good command in English then start preparing for the test at least 6 months before your test date. Practice your English reading, listening, speaking and writing skills as much as possible. English vocabulary and grammar must be on the tip and it will help you feel prepared and confident on exam day.

ETS offers resources like practice books, past questions, Online learning platforms for candidates to easily crack exams with good marks. follow TOEFL Facebook Page for test takers, TOEFL web forums, and TOEFL online discussions to acquire more information. Prefer TOEFL Online Classes for sure success.

TOEFL Test Syllabus and Pattern

First I want to clarify between TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT Test.

TOEFL iBT exam is an online based exam and conduct testing via the internet. Test conducted more than 50 times a year and measures reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. Whereas TOEFL PBT test is a paper-based test. It measures reading, listening, grammar and writing skills and offered in locations where the Internet is not available.

TOEFL Test Syllabus and Pattern
Section (Duration) Questions Tasks


(60-80 min)

12-14 questions

Reading 3-4 Passages and answers all the questions related to Passage.


(60-90 min)

34-51 questions (including from Lectures & Conversation)

Listening to the natural speech sound and answers all questions.

Break (10 min)


(50 min)

2 tasks

One task is to listen or read a passage and write responses. Another task is to write an essay in response to a Writing topic.


(20 min)

6 tasks

2 tasks on expression own ideas, opinions & experiences and 4 tasks on speaking based on reading & listening.

The entire TOEFL iBT Exam duration is 4:30 hours. The test itself is 4 hours long and check-in time is 30 minutes.

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