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study ms abroad

study ms abroadStudy MS Abroad – Master of Science is widely popular and respected postgraduate qualification. People generally pursue to this program after gaining fundamental knowledge in their field of awareness. Technical background candidates with knowledge of science and technology prefer to opt this program. Getting a degree of MS from International universities is a very fruitful for career prospects which are fostered by millions of scholars from all over the world.

Foreign universities are recognized for the high quality of education and enjoy a good status worldwide. Besides, the worldwide exposure helps students to increase their skills, knowledge, and experiences. Foreign universities and colleges are recognized for the top quality of education and enjoy a reputed status along worldwide. Besides, the overseas exposure helps students to boost their skills, knowledge, and experiences in every niche. The important points we must keep in mind while thinking about study MS from foreign universities.

The important points we must keep in mind while thinking about study MS Abroad is best colleges within your interested country, application process, eligibility and necessary requirements, required entrance exam scores and visa process.

Eligibility Requirements for Study MS Abroad

Academic Requirements

The first and important eligibility requirement is to must have completed and obtained a basic undergraduate or bachelor’s level certificate. You need to have completed 16 years of previous education for a Post Graduate academic program. So qualification of 10+2+4 year degree program, 10+3 year diploma + 3-year degree program, 10+2+ 3 year degree program like Indian B.Sc, and related qualifications are valid and eligible for all universities.

Work Experience Requirements

Work experience is an added qualification and carries some weight for MS applicants. But work experience is NOT mandatory, so a student without work experience is NOT a disadvantage in MS applications. Again, we let you inform that this is very different in the case of MBA Degree abroad which requires work experience. But if the candidates have any work experience from the relevant field, then they can get some extra weight and points and might be preferred over another applicant with a similar profile with no work experience.

Entrance Exams for Study MS Abroad

There are two primary entrance exams scores which you applicants require for MS application process. The first category entrance exam scores require to test your aptitude skills and second category entrance exam score requires to test your English language skills for overseas MS programs. These two examinations scores are mandatory for enrolling into foreign universities.

Aptitude Test Entrance Exams

The worldwide popular exams for testing aptitude skills are GRE and GMAT. But GRE is more popular among applicants who are pursuing admission to MS Degree programs while GMAT is popular for MBA Degree programs in foreign universities. However, requirements are changing with times and many universities and colleges abroad have also started accepting valid GMAT scores. If you are going to pursue admission to MS Degree programs in foreign universities, you may have a GRE score. We have rich content on GRE related topics on our site and you could start your exam preparation by referring our fruitful GRE study resources.

Language Proficiency Exams

There are two reputed exams which scores are accepted by universities from all over the world are TOEFL and IELTS. Both of them are equal in the sense that they cover all reading, writing, speaking and listening sections. However, TOEFL is more valuable in North American countries like USA and Canada universities gives more weight to TOEFL but IELTS also accepted. Rest of the countries universities like UK gives more weight to IELTS but also accepts TOEFL scores.

Entrance Exams Syllabus and Details


Best Country for Study MS Abroad & College Rankings

USA  | UK | Germany | Australia | NewZealand | Canada | China | Singapore | UAE | Ireland.

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