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Study MBA Abroad – Course Details | Eligibility | Colleges | Fees

study mba abroad

study mba abroadStudy MBA Abroad is widely popular and respected as the professional postgraduate business qualification. Master of Business Administration is the professional post-experience degree, as well as a premier postgraduate one. All reputed business school from all over the world requires a significant work experience for admission process. An important dimension is that students must have knowledge of the corporate world and should be aware of the environment. So, the more corporate experience you have to contribute, the more you will get out of the program weight.

Times Graduates discuss here on important points which we should keep in mind before studying abroad. So, the important factors which we should think about Study MBA Abroad are eligibility requirements for admission process, academic requirements, work experience requirements, entrance exams have to clear, and the last important one is best colleges and universities for your academic program.

Eligibility Requirements for Study MBA Abroad

Academic Requirements

The first and important eligibility requirement is to have completed a basic undergraduate level degree. This could be an either engineering degree (B.E, B.Tech) from any discipline, B.Sc, B.Com, B.A. or in any other related specialization. A Postgraduate or Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree is also fine if you are applying for MBA profession. Most of the candidates who’ve gone abroad for a Masters Degree programs for a few years, take up an MBA after MS.

Work Experience Requirements

Reputed MBA Colleges abroad expect from students to have had an experience of corporate world and exposure to the working environment. If you are seeking for MBA Degree programs abroad then Work experience is very very important and gives more weight to candidates with relevant work experience. However, they’d expect not only technical experience which is easy to gain in junior level but they also require managerial experience. This allows the MBA passing graduates of foreign universities to get good jobs with higher positions and attractive salary packages.

Entrance Exams for Study MBA Abroad

Basically, there are two kinds of entrance exams results require for overseas MBA admission process. The first category entrance exam is presented to test your aptitude skills for managing and leading business. and, the second category of entrance exam is required to test your knowledge in the English language with reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. As English will be the mode of communication in the foreign business school as well as the business corporate world.

Aptitude Test Entrance Exams

The first category entrance exams for the aptitude test are GMAT and GRE. Basically, GRE is more popular for MS applicants and GMAT is popular for the MBA Degree programs. However, requirements are changing and many MBA foreign universities have also started accepting GRE scores as wells GMAT scores. If you’ve already applied to MBA academic programs for foreign universities, then you may have a GMAT valid score. We’ve written fair contents on GMAT Exam and related topics on our site.

Language Proficiency Exams

The Second category of entrance exam is for English Language Proficiency Test. The two reputed exams for English test that are accepted by the worldwide international business school are TOEFL and IELTS. Both of them are similar in the sense of exam pattern that covers reading, writing, speaking and listening sections. If you are confused with between TOEFL and IELTS then we would like to inform you that TOEFL score is more valuable in North American and Canadian universities but IELTS also accepted. Rest of the countries like UK accepts IELTS scores but TOEFL score is also accepted.

Entrance Exams Syllabus and Details


Best Countries to Study MBA Abroad & College Rankings

USA  | UK | Germany | Australia | NewZealand | Canada | China | Singapore | UAE | Ireland.

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