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study in ukStudy in UK – Moving to the UK for education is an awesome opportunity to boost the skills, knowledge, and confidence. UK Colleges and Universities offers more than thousands of specialized programs, leading to qualifications that are accepted and respected by global employers worldwide.

England is one of the most popular destination to travel for the purpose of better employment an excellent education. Many of international students dream and move to UK for their educations, which indicates that UK universities have great experience in working with international students from all over the world. That means international students will get the red carpet treatment throughout the education and employment period.


Points to remember about UK

Capital London
GDP $2.79 trillion
Per Capita Income $42,514
Currency Pound (GBP)
Official Language English
Best Student Cities London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Coventry, Nottingham, Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle.

Before you start your admission process for study in the United Kingdom you must have to go through some important Parameters.

Research on Your Academic Program

If you finally decided to study in UK then the first step you have to think about courses. Researching on academic courses is one of the important steps. You must have to choose programs in which you have serious interest, otherwise opting subjects in hurry without interest will create a bad impact in future. Generally, a majority of international students choose popular academic programs such as MBA, MS, and B.Tech. A large number of applications is submitted by the candidates from all over the world for these academic courses. Here you can find fruitful information on popular subjects for higher education in UK.

Study MBA Abroad

Study MS Abroad

Study Engineering Abroad

Research on College and Universities

The second important step to while planning for study in the United Kingdom is research on best colleges and universities that fit your needs. Here we are listing UK Top Universities and Colleges Rankings List (Source – QS Top Universities).

UK Top Universities & Colleges Ranking List

Rank Name
1 University of Cambridge
2 University of Oxford
3 UCL (University College London)
4 Imperial College London
5 King’s College London

See Full List Click Here

Finance Your Studies for Study in UK

The most challenging step is how to finance for education Tuition Fees and living expenses abroad. Due to lack of budget, many of international students quit to move abroad for education and stop planning. However, some of the students get relaxation in tuition fees but still, they are in search of the amount for living expenses. Cost of living and education is very high in the United Kingdom so prepare well with good amount otherwise it will create a problem later.

Cost of living and education is very high in the United Kingdom so prepare well with good amount otherwise it will create a problem later. Generally, a majority of international students dependent on Scholarships and Bank Loans and these are the most common financial form of aid which supports students in a needful budget.


The majority of students who belong from less currency value countries are relying on scholarships. But it’s not so easy to achieve scholarships because it awarded based on a number of criteria includes academic performance, extra achievements, and talents. These merit based-scholarships offered by the various department includes state and central government, organizations, professional agencies, colleges, and universities for study in UK. Here you can find the complete list of Scholarships provided by various departments.

Student Loans

Student loans for education abroad are the amount that you have to return back with interest. Student education loans are provided by many governments banks and private banks. These banks are either from your home country or belong from the country where you going to pursue your education.

Application Process and Entrance Exams

You have to start planning and preparation at least 2 years before prior to admission in UK Colleges. In between these 2 years, students have to go through many tasks. So, start with application process which provides you with detailed information about the steps you should take and at what date and time you should take them in order to successful departure from your own country to studying in the UK.

Most of the UK colleges and universities makes it mandatory that you should take one or more standardized admissions tests in order to gain entrance into their programs. The popular entrance tests are SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, TOEFL, IELTS.

Apply For Student Visa for Study in UK

UK student visas are awarded on the basis of points-system. In order to meet all necessary requirements for UK student visa you will need to provide:

Valid passport with recent photograph.

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) certificate provided by your course provider (30 points).

Proof of financial support provided by banks or sponsors for living and tuition cost throughout your stay in the United Kingdom (10 points).

Keep ready Student Visa for UK.

Important Exams Syllabus and Details


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