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study in uaeStudy in UAE – The UAE has a dynamic and vibrant economy and now emerging as a popular education destination for international students. The UAE universities use research-based teaching material and industrial -experienced Ph.D. faculties to deliver lectures on all programs. United Arab Emirates (UAE) act as a gateway between the two major continents Europe and Asia. UAE has a multi-cultural society and residents from almost 200 countries across the globe are residing here.

The major reason for the burgeoning of international education sector because United Arab Emirates (UAE) economy is the most diversified among Gulf countries. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the major territories of the UAE and known for international aviation centers. Both two cities occupy the highest numbers of international students in UAE and major initiatives were taken to boost their presence of world-class education among international scholars. The oil and energy sector industries are the major reason for high GDP but it also driven by other sectors includes services, healthcare, hospitality, education, manufacturing, and construction.


Points to remember about UAE

Capital Abu Dhabi
GDP $693.765 billion
Per Capita Income $68,424
Currency UAE Dirham (AED)
Official Language Arabic
Best Student Cities Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Before you start your admission process for study in UAE you must have to go through some important parameters.

Research on Your Academic Program

The course you choose and the degree you will you get decides your future. So, it’s an important parameter to research and think well about the academic courses you choose. The internet, television, and newspapers are now the best sources of information. Through the internet, you can connect with global friends and discuss on social sites about best academic programs. Check online for the programs in which you are interested and collect more information on career prospects and job opportunities related to your degree programs.

These are the popular degree programs opted by majority of international students studying in UAE. You can find here handful information about these courses.

Study MBA Abroad

Study MS Abroad

Study BTech Abroad

Research on College and Universities

Before you start your application and admission process must collect information of at least 5-8 colleges and universities and follow which best fits your match. This is very important because a good institute can provide better job placements for their students. If you want to work in UAE after graduating then prefer the best college rather than your interested course. Must consider the overall reputation and rankings of your choice of Institutions for Study in UAE.

Here you can generate a complete list of UAE Top Universities and Colleges Ranking List.

UAE Universities & Colleges Ranking List

Rank Name
1 United Arab Emirates University
2 American University of Sharjah
3 Khalifa University
4 American University in Dubai
5 University of Sharjah

See Full List Click Here

Finance Your Studies for Study in UAE

Financing for your abroad studies is one of the complicated tasks and mostly for those who belong from a country with weak currency value. However, there are lots of options available for financing your tuition fees and living expenses in any foreign countries while having your education. Scholarships and Student education loan are the popular financial aid provided by many of agencies to enable financially weak students to pursue higher education in foreign universities.

Scholarships for Study in UAE

Scholarships are fully merit-based and awarded to all levels of students PhDs, postgraduate and undergraduate international studentsScholarships are limited in numbers and awarded on the basis of past academic records and marks obtained on admission entrance tests. Scholarships are provided by different agencies includes state and central governments, public and private organizations and by your course provider and institutions. Here you can see a Complete list of scholarships for International students.

Education Loans for Study in UAE

Student education loans are the amount which you have to return back with interest. Students loans are provided by the majority of Nationalised and private banks within your country. Each bank has its own terms and conditions for issuing a loan, so go through every bank and choose the only one which best fits your match. The minimum requirement for granting loan by any bank is that they will check your family background, income, and assets.

The second way for getting a student loan for study in UAE is provided by your course provider or institution. Overseas students can borrow loans for tuition fees and living expenses from their institution.

Application Process and Entrance Exams

The application process is very time-consuming because you have to meet all the requirements mentioned in the application for scheduling admission in UAE’s universities and colleges. Most of the students not aware of this information to start your application process at least 18 months before prior to your admission. The major time taking process is scheduling for the standardized test which is required by the majority of institutions in UAE.  The popular standardized tests for graduate and college admission are GRE, GMAT and SAT to standardized English language proficiency tests are TOEFL and IELTS.

However, if you already have valid test scores of these exams then you are almost done.

Apply For Student Visa for Study in UAE

Requires valid passport with recent photographs.

Requires a copy of the ‘acceptance letter’ from your approved College or University.

Requires an evidence of financial support provided by our sponsors and banks.

Important Exams Syllabus and Details


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