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study in singaporeStudy in Singapore – Singapore make a strong reputation for quality education and envisages to becoming a Global Education HubSingapore is the premier education hub in Asia and offers a broad range of global perspectives to contribute students with the various qualification and degrees that serves as a key to a brighter future. Singapore is a vibrant country rich in infrastructure and development where you’ll find a pleasant culture, arts, and architecture. Tuition fees are affordable and but the cost of living in Singapore is still very high compared to other developed nations.

Top leading universities from the world have set up centers of excellence in education, training, and research. To attract large numbers of overseas students, Singapore multi-government agencies takes an initiative to establish and promote Singapore as a premier education hub. This initiative is led by many government departments includes Singapore Economic Development Board, Singapore Tourism Board, International Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Ministry of Education.


Points to remember about Singapore

Capital Singapore (City-State)
GDP $508.449 billion
Per Capita Income $90,724
Currency Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Official Language English, Malay, Huayu, Mandarin, Tamil

Before you start your admission process for study in Singapore you must have to go through some important tasks which are discussed here.

Research on Your Academic Program

Choosing the best possible academic programs for your education is a key decision to make, and a challenging one. There can be a huge competition for the popular degree programs in every institution and in jobs too related to these popular degrees. So, you can choose course offering a clear career path with better job opportunities and placements, or the course in which you have serious interest and have handful experience on it.

These are the popular degree programs opted by majority of international students. You can find here handful information about these courses if you planning to study in Singapore.

Study MBA Abroad

Study MS Abroad

Study Engineering Abroad

Research on College and Universities

Consider the college and universities overall reputation. You will need to research better on lots of institutions and prefer the best one for admission. Must go through the college overall information like rankings, numbers of job placements, affiliation, and accreditation. Institutions lacking in these points are not good and never follow them if suggested by someone or found in any advertisement.

Here you can see a complete list of Singapore Top universities and colleges rankings list.

Singapore Universities & Colleges Ranking List

Rank Name
1 National University of Singapore (NUS)
2 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)
3 Singapore Management University
4 Jmaes Cook University, Singapore
5 Singapore Institute of Technology

See Full List Click Here

Finance Your Studies for Study in Singapore

Many students do not want to move abroad for higher education because they can’t afford high tuition and living cost. If you decided to study in Singapore then don’t panic because there are now many sources of financial aids for providing education in Singapore or other foreign countries. Scholarships and education loans are now provided by many departments to enable aspiring students to pursue admissions in foreign universities.

Scholarships for Study in Singapore

Scholarships are awarded to PhDs, postgraduate and undergraduate international students who want to pursue admission in foreign universitiesScholarships are fully merit-based and provided to those students who have good academic record throughout their education. Scholarships are awarded by both Private and Public institutions in Singapore, but a limited number of international students. Scholarships are also provided by many government agencies and big organization. Here you can see a Complete list of scholarships for International students.

Education Loans for Study in Singapore

Generally, there are two types of education loans available to finance your education in Singapore or abroad. The first type of education loan is offered by private and Nationalized banks within your country. But before processing loans bank will check your family earning background, income, and assets before granting bank loans.

The second kind of loans is provided by colleges and universities or your course provider. Overseas students can borrow loans up to the entire cost of your tuition fees and expenses for living. But remember in both types of loans you have to return back the borrowed amount with interest.

Application Process and Entrance Exams

Applicants are encouraged to submit an application at least 2 months before the commencement of the course in Singapore’s universities. But you should start your application process at least 18 months before because it’s a time-consuming process and applicants require to meet all application requirements within time.

A majority of institutions in Singapore requires submitting standardized test scores for admission process. So, you also need time for scheduling these tests and generate scores in time. These tests scores are required to understand the student’s aptitude skills and language skills. For admissions in English-medium programs, TOEFLIELTS, GRE and GMAT test scores are widely accepted by all institutions in Singapore for admission process.

Apply For Student Visa for Study in Singapore

Requires passport with recent photographs.

Letter of acceptance from your approved Institute and University.

Requires an evidence of financial aid provided by all sponsors to support your stay and study in Singapore.

International student application form with mark-sheet of the last degree obtained.

Medical certificate.

Important Exams Syllabus and Details


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