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study in germanyStudy in Germany has lots to offer as a place for education. Germany is internationally recognized for providing a high quality of education. German colleges and universities impart education in more than 2500 academic programs. Germany is also known for most highly developed industrial nation and ranked at the fourth position in the list of world largest economy.

Germany colleges, institutes, and universities make a strong reputation in the world in the field of education and research. Every year, more than thousands of students from different countries opt to study in Germany for building a successful career. The major reasons for generating lots of application from international students includes excellent quality of education, less or almost no tuition fees, better job opportunities and rich in tourism and culture.


Points to remember about Germany

Capital Berlin
GDP $3.980 trillion
Per Capita Income $48,111
Currency Euro (EUR)
Official Language German
Best Student Cities Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Bonn, Nuremberg.

Before you start your admission process for study in Germany you must have to go through some important tasks

Research on Your Academic Program

Explore what interests you, even if you are unfamiliar with the academic courses. Discover more information on the field you’ve already experienced and completed education. Research in academic programs is a very crucial step for your future career, so don’t follow the track blindly. Here you find necessary information on popular subjects for higher education in Germany.

Study MBA Abroad

Study MS Abroad

Study Engineering Abroad

Research on College and Universities

A good college and Institute for higher education in Germany really matters for better job opportunities. So, must research on colleges and universities which best fits you before applying for admission process. Here we are provided UK Top Universities and Colleges Rankings List (Source – QS Top Universities).

Germany Top Universities & Colleges Ranking List

Rank Name
1 Technical University of Munich
2 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
3 Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
4 KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
5 Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

See Full List Click Here

Finance Your Studies for Study in Germany

Financing for your education in Germany is not an easy task. Many international students rely on scholarships and the second option is education loans. If you get a relaxation from tuition fees then still you have to finance a good amount for living expenses because the cost of living in Germany is very high as compared to other nations.


Germany is the very popular destination for education due to fewer education fees or NO fees. But due to a high cost of living students needs to apply for scholarships which support them in daily expenses. But scholarships are awarded on basis of different criteria includes good academic records throughout the education, achievements, and experience. Scholarships for study in Germany is generally awarded by Government, Organisations, universities, and colleges. Here you can find the complete list of scholarships for study abroad.

Student Loans

Student education loans are provided by many government banks and private banks. These banks either belongs from your home country or from Germany. For student education loan you have to go through many documentation processes and it’s not easy to get from any bank. After accessing loan from a bank you must have to pay back with interest amount.

Application Process and Entrance Exams

After shortlisting academic course and university the important step is to apply for an application for study in Germany. The application process will clear every information like basic requirements for admission process, which step have to take and at what time. If you are seriously planning for Study in Germany than starts preparation 18 months before prior to admission.

However, a majority of German universities require two or more entrance tests scores which is mandatory for admission. These entrance exams are for testing English language skill and aptitude skill. The most popular exams for testing these skills are TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT. Some German universities also demand German language proficiency test score.

Apply For Student Visa for Study in Germany

Keep ready your Passport with recent photographs.

Certificate of German Language proficiency.

Proof of financial support provided by banks and sponsors throughout your education period in Germany.

Letter of Acceptance from a German University.

Keep ready your Student Visa for Study in Germany.

Important Exams Syllabus and Details


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