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study in chinaStudy in ChinaChina education system is likely to be surprised by its accelerated growth and stunning pace. During the last three decades, education in China has transformed the nation and Chinese society with innovative and creative ideas. China education system now creates a strong reputation in the world and the pace of development of its 3 decades of education is the fastest in history.

China’s contributes the highest number of teachers and professors in the world which outpace all developed countries in the list. In 2015, the Chinese government decided to support more than 50,000 international students by scholarships those who pursuing an education in China. According to a recent survey, China will become the first and largest education destination in Asia by 2022. About 350,000 international students came to China for higher education in 2015, and the majority are from South Korea, Europe, and the United States.


Points to remember about China

Capital Beijing
GDP $23.2 trillion
Per Capita Income $16,676
Currency Renminbi (Yuan)
Official Language Chinese
Best Student Cities Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong.

Before you proceed for study in China you must have to plan and think about some important points which are very crucial for your academic and professional career.

Research on Your Academic Program

Research on Academic courses in which you have interest and suit your future career. Choose a program which is a natural progression to your existing qualifications and work experience. Discussing with your colleagues, employer, and professors will help to determine the best courses for your future career. Except for these things, you also have to research on college placements for each course. So, consider well prospective careers and employment opportunities after graduating from a Chinese university.

Here you can find necessary information on popular subjects opted by a large number of international students for study in China or abroad.

Study MBA Abroad

Study MS Abroad

Study Engineering Abroad

Research on College and Universities

Never choose institutions directly if it is suggested by someone. You must have to research over 5-6 institutions for better understanding. Colleges play a very important role in job placements so you must have to keep enough knowledge about your course provider. Consider colleges by subjects, by region, by job placements, and rankings. Here you can see a complete list of China’s Top universities and colleges rankings list.

China’s Top Universities & Colleges Ranking List

Rank Name
1 Tsinghua University
2 Peking University
3 Peking University
4 Shanghai Jiao Tong University
5 Zhejiang University

See Full List Click Here

Finance Your Studies for Study in China

Many students did not apply for admissions in foreign universities because they thought they can’t able to fund their education and living cost in China or abroad. But many students do not know that there are many sources of funding for their education in foreign countries. Now, many Chinese universities have encouraged International students to study at their campuses by offering financial aid such as scholarships and education loans.

Scholarships for Study in China

Scholarships are totally merit-based and offered to both undergraduate and graduate international students pursuing admission in foreign universitiesScholarships are direct tuition fees discounts and awarded to students who maintain good academic records throughout their education period. Both Private, as well as Public universities, offer scholarships to international students. Scholarships are also provided by governments and big organizations to support international students in tuition cost. Here you can see a Complete list of scholarships for International students.

Education Loans for Study in China

Basically, there are two kinds of education loans available to fund your education in China or abroad. The first kind of education loan offered by your country banks. Each bank has its own terms and conditions for borrowing education loans so remember to check all public and private sector banks and go with the suitable one. The bank will check your family income and assets before granting bank loans.

The second kind of loans is offered by your institution or course provider and you can borrow up to the entire cost of your education and living expenses. But remember in both kinds of loans you have to pay back the borrowed amount with interest.

Application Process and Entrance Exams

The application process for study in  China is very time consuming and requires students to start preparing well so they can meet all requirements within time. Many overseas students application gets rejected because they can’t meet all requirements in time, so start your application process at least 18 months before prior to your admission.

You also need time for scheduling standardized tests needed for admission. These tests scores are required by the majority of universities and colleges in China for understanding the student’s aptitude skills and language skills. Each college or university establishes its own eligibility and criteria for education in China. So must go with each college prospectus and application for better understanding.

For Chinese-medium programs (programs taught in Mandarin Chinese) require the applicant to submit HSK results to prove their proficiency in the Chinese language. For, English-medium programs TOEFL or IELTS scores are mandatory except to those who hold an academic degree taught in English medium.

Apply For Student Visa for Study in China

Requires passport with recent photographs and must be valid for at least 6 months beyond stay in China.

Letter of acceptance from your approved College or University.

Requires an evidence of funds provided by banks and sponsors to support your stay.

Medical certificate.

Proof of State Residency.

Important Exams Syllabus and Details


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