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Study Engineering Abroad – Eligibility | Details | Colleges | Fees

study btech abroad

study btech engineering abroadStudy Engineering Abroad is an education imparting in acquiring knowledge of technical skills. Develops knowledge in different backgrounds like technology, design, development, systems, analysis, machines, manufacturing, construction, and systems. Engineering requires innovation and creativity in developing the most effective design for the proper execution while ensuring safety.

Traditionally, a majority of students opted to study their undergraduate programs in their home country colleges and universities, and after graduating work for a couple of years in their home country, gain experience and then move foreign for postgraduate programs. But the trend is changed completely in recent years and prompted a rise in the number of students opting to Study Engineering abroad after 12th and others undergraduate programs too.

There are many specializations which exist within the field of B.Tech-Engineering Abroad. The popular specializations which create more jobs and more popular among students include the following:

Computer Engineering – The design and development of Softwares and application programming.

Automobile Engineering – The design of automobiles, auto-parts, and related topics.

Chemical Engineering – The study and research of chemical components and conversion of chemical products into useful goods.

Civil Engineering – The design and construction of infrastructures, buildings, roads, and bridges.

Electrical Engineering – The design of electrical devices and electronic systems, such as chips, electronic kits, and electronic goods.

Mechanical Engineering – The design and development of physical or mechanical machines, such as engines.

Eligibility Requirements for Study Engineering Abroad

Academic Requirements

The first and the important eligibility requirement is to have completed a higher secondary school level education. You need to have 12 years of previous school education with goods marks to be eligible for an Under Graduate programs in foreign universities. So qualification of 10+2 year school program10+3 year diploma program and equivalent are valid and eligible for all universities abroad. However, some of the universities have age bar requirement of minimum 18 years old.

Entrance Exams for Study Engineering Abroad

Entrance exams scores are necessary while applying for foreign universities. Basically, there are two important entrance examinations which are accepted worldwide for overseas B.tech and Engineering undergraduate programs. The first category is designed to test your aptitude skill. And, the second one is meant to test your English language in every section includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. The English language will be the mode of communication in the foreign universities as well as in the international corporate world.

Aptitude Test Entrance Exams

The primary exam for aptitude test is SAT & ACT which is more popular among B.Tech & Engineering applicants and for all other undergraduate degree programs. The SAT exam is published and conducted by the College Board and by the Educational Testing Service. SAT exam score is accepted by all universities for pursuing in undergraduate programs. Aspiring candidates could start SAT test preparation by referring our SAT study resources.

The ACT is a standardized test for high school achievement and college admissions in the United States. The ACT test is becoming more popular nowadays than SAT. The Annual number of test takers of ACT Test is over 2.03 million high school graduates in the class of 2017.

Language Proficiency Exams

For language proficiency test two exams are very popular and accepted by worldwide universities. The two popular exams are TOEFL and IELTS. Both of them are similar in exam pattern, as they cover reading, writing, speaking and listening sections. However, TOEFL score is more valuable in North American and Canadian universities but IELTS also accepted. Rest of the countries such as UK prefers IELTS scores but also accepts TOEFL score. Candidates could start exam preparation by referring our TOEFL and IELTS section.

Entrance Exams Syllabus and Details


Best Countries to Study Engineering Abroad & College Rankings

USA  | UK | Germany | Australia | NewZealand | Canada | China | Singapore | UAE | Ireland.

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