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sat test exam details

sat test exam detailsSAT is a standardized Test conducted and administrated by Educational Testing Service in collaboration with College board for admissions to the undergraduate program for colleges and universities in the USA. SAT exam is generally taken by high school students from all over the world. The SAT test score is used as a selection criterion for international students who want to pursue admissions in undergraduate programs in the USA. SAT test measures the literacy skills in the students that are needed for academic success.

SAT Test Registration Process – Candidates who wish take a SAT exam require to first Signup in the SAT Official Website with correct details and follow the registration steps. Candidates can also register for SAT exam by mail those who want to – Requesting exam center closer to your region, Requesting Sunday exam for the first time, Paying by check or money order and Younger than 13 years old.

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Value of SAT Test Score

SAT exam score is widely accepted by most of the universities and colleges for undergraduate programs in the USA and Canada. More than 1.70 million of high school graduates sit annually for the SAT exam from all over the world. The exam is globally popular and conducted in almost countries of the world.

SAT Test Date and Location

SAT exam is conducted in almost all regions and countries in the world. The SAT test is conducted 7 times annually in only selected cities within a country. If you already registered then you can Find here your choice Exam Date and Location. Test takers have to select two test center codes to indicate their first and second choice locations.

SAT Test Fees

The Test Administration Fees for SAT Exam is $52.5 (approx) plus $42 (for Non-U.S. regional fee). The SAT Exam fees are subject to change so please visit the official website and check the exact fees amount at any point of time.

SAT Test Preparation and Planning

There are lots of resources available for SAT exam preparation. SAT officially offers a variety of free and low-cost practice test books, SAT Study Groups, Online Classes, Study Plan and Daily Practice Apps to help test takers to prepare well for the exam. You can also follow SAT Facebook Page for test takers, SAT web forums, and SAT online discussions to acquire more information related to exam. Prefer Online Classes for Sure success.

SAT Test Syllabus and Pattern

The SAT Test comprises of four sections: Reading, Writing, Maths, and Essay.

Critical Reading Section – The SAT Reading section consists of long and short paragraphs from various topics includes social sciences, humanities, physical sciences, or personal narratives. The students have to read the passages and answers questions based on passages. Reading section generally test the candidate’s English vocabulary and grammar skills along-with Critical reading and sentence level reading.

Writing – The SAT writing section consists of multiple choice questions and essay. The essay contributes about 28% to the total writing score and multiple choice questions contributing 70%. This section measures the candidates writing ability and critical thinking skills. The multiple choice questions include questions on error identification, sentence correction and paragraph correction which measures the candidate’s strong English grammar skills.

Mathematics – The SAT Math section divided into two parts – Use of Calculator and No-use of Calculator. Calculator allowed for only 37 questions and not allowed for 20 questions. The questions were asked beyond to high school level and use basic mathematics skills and formulas to solve. The questions were asked mainly from Algebra and functions, Number system, Statistics, Probability, Geometry, and Data Analysis.

Essay – The SAT Essay section is optional and requires students to evaluate an argument through an analysis of evidence. It contains one optional essay.

The SAT Test consists of total 154 questions with total score 1600. And, total SAT exam duration is 3 hours (with optional 50 mins for an essay).

SAT Exam Format and Timing
Section (Duration) Questions  Avg. Score 

(65 mins)

52 questions  495


(35 mins)

44 questions  484


(80 mins)

57 questions

Calculator is allowed for only 37 questions.

Essay (optional)

(50 mins)

One optional essay.  Not Scored.
Entrance Exams Syllabus and Details


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