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Most in-Demand Careers and Jobs in India

Most in-Demand Careers and Jobs in India

Most in-Demand Careers Jobs in IndiaDemographic Changes and Emerging Technologies evaporates millions of human jobs. According to The World Economic Forum, due to Automation, Technology, and Artificial Intelligence, more than Five million of jobs will be evaporated by the year 2020. The future will be the era of technology and will create many jobs in future.

Times Graduates writing here the Most In-Demand Careers Jobs in India. At present, the numbers of jobs for this positions are not filled by experienced professionals and candidates with knowledge in the same field. IT industry still looking for highly-skilled workers to fill out these positions. The pay and perks for this required positions are very attractive.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst plays a very important role for an Organisation Growth. The main task of a Data Analyst is to collect the overall Organisation data, process it and perform Statistical Analysis of Data for business growth. Data Analysts are always in demand by the Top-tier IT Organisations in India. Knowledge of Hadoop, Big Data, and SQL are very important if you are looking for this job.

SEO Analyst

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the root of Digital Marketing. The SEO Analyst Jobs are very demanding at present. Web Development companies pay a very attractive salary for this position. SEO is the technique to rank the website in search engines like Google, Bing, etc and enable business websites to make more numbers of customers from their website visitors.

Social Media Manager

Socal Media nowadays plays a very crucial role in sharing information. Big Organisations nowadays engages more in social media and try to reach their customers from social media profiles. To manage their Business Profile in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, etc they hire Social Media Manager. Their task is to keep an update of Social Profiles with new information regarding products and services.

Technical Writer

Technical Writers are very different from Writer and Content Writer. Tech Writer has same work profile as a content writer but the difference is that Tech writer has to write a technical content. Most of the IT companies in India hire Technical Writer to write technical content for their Websites and Business Proposals. A good technical writer needs good language skills and technical knowledge.

Digital Marketer

The emerging technology will outpace the traditional way of Marketing Strategy with Digital Marketing. With increasing number of internet users in our country, Digital Marketers jobs are booming in all industrial sectors. The Marketing of products & services of business were done by the medium of Internet. The online marketing efforts were made on digital channels such as Social Media, Search Engines, Emails.

Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst is one of the most challenging jobs in IT Sector. They play a very crucial role in IT Organisations. They act as gatekeepers or security guards of Information Data and protects the data from information theft, hackers, and cyber attacks. Without them every work on Information technology is worthless. A large number of openings in IT industry is still vacant for a highly-skilled Information Security Analyst.

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