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MBA in Operations – Course Details | Colleges | Fees | Scope | Syllabus

mba in operations

mba in operationsThe MBA in Operations Management studies the design and management of production and business processes across the manufacturing and services sectors, focusing particularly on pricing and revenue management, the interface between operations management and marketing, decision-making under uncertainty, as well as stochastic programming and robust optimisation.

MBA in Operations Management course provides in-depth knowledge of the major areas that underpin the operations management, technology management, supply chain management, general management, consulting. It explores how an integrated approach can impact on businesses.

MBA in Operations Course Details

The education of MBA in Operations course imparting skills to understand the organizational behavior and different managerial tips, and understanding of:

  • analyze operations functions in different countries
  • understand various institutional environments
  • develop a sharp eye for operations management within multinational enterprises
  • improve business performance
  • develop operations strategies
  • organize competitive advantages in technology-intensive industries.

 Best Colleges for MBA in Operations

MBA in Operations Syllabus

The courses are offered in the following areas:

Operations Management, Operations Research, Quantitative Techniques, Advanced Inventory Control, Advanced Operations Research, Demand and Business Forecasting, e-Business [also IS], Enterprise Resource Planning [also IS], Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Materials Management, Production Planning and Control, Project Management, Service Operations Management, Supply Chain Analytics, Technology Management, Theory of Constraints, Total Quality Management.

Business Law, Business Research Methods, Managerial Communication, Managerial Ethics, Analysis for Managerial Decision Making, Corporate Image Building, Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness.

Scope of MBA in Operations

MBA Degree in Operations has a better scope in India due to growing numbers of companies and start-ups. Every company requires a Operations Manager and Operations Executive for their Production and Service department for fully establishing of their business. The candidates belong from MBA in Operations Management are greater in demand most demanded by employers and create a large number of jobs in every sector.

MBA in Operations Average Salary

As per the survey of Payscale, National Salary Data of Operations Manager is between Rs. 2.8 Lakhs – Rs. 14.5 Lakhs. As compared to gender wise 88% of males and 12% of Females have currently occupied the positions of Operations Manager and Operations Executive in the overall industry. Job Satisfaction rate is 4 out of 5.

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