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MBA in HR – Course Details | Colleges | Fees | Scope | Syllabus


MBA in HRMBA in HR (Human Resource Management) has today become one of the most popular and demanding specializations in MBA. The rapid growth of industries globally requires big humans workforce in every industry. These employees can be and managed by the HR of the organization.

The MBA in HRM (Human Resource Management) concentrates on emphasizing concepts and development, focusing on long-term goals and managing individual issues of employees. MBA in HR also reform candidates through the processes of developing strong client relations, industrial relations, and international corporate relations.

MBA in HR Course Details

The education of MBA in HR  imparting skills to identify and solve problems in the department of human resources. MBA Degree in HR qualifies candidates to understand the organizational behavior and different managerial tips, and understanding of employee needs and benefits. The candidates develop the skills of leadership, team management, business development, and organizational protocols.

 Best Colleges for MBA in HR

MBA in HR Syllabus

The courses are offered in the following areas:

Economics – Macroeconomic Theory and Policy and Managerial Economics.

Finance – Accounting for Management and Basic Financial Management.

General Management – Managerial Communication, Managerial Ethics and Social Research Methods.

Human Resource Management – Employment Relations Laws: Law of Industrial Relations IV.2 Employment Relations Laws: Law of Social Security, Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, Fundamentals of Industrial Relations, Fundamentals of Labour laws, Human Resource Planning, Performance Management and Appraisal, Wage Determination, and Administration.

Information Systems – Business and Data Communications Networks, Business Intelligence and Data Mining, Business Modeling Through System Dynamics, Cyber Law, Data Structures, DBMS with Oracle, Decision Support Systems, e-Business, Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resource Information System, Information Security and Risk Management, Intellectual Property Rights, Object-Oriented Programming, Software Project Management.

Marketing – Marketing and Marketing Decisions for HR.

Production, Operations & Decision Sciences – Production Management, Quantitative Techniques for Human Resource Management.

Organizational Behaviour – Individual Behaviour in Organisation, Group Behaviour in Organisation, Organisational Structure, Design & Change.

Strategic Management –  Sustainable Development and Corporate Sustainability, Strategic Management.

Scope of MBA in HR

MBA in HR has a better scope in India due to growing numbers of companies and start-ups. Every company requires HRs and HR department for fully establishing of their business. Human Resources are the most demanded by employers and create a large number of jobs in every sector.

MBA in HR Average Salary

As per the survey of Payscale, National Salary Data of Human Resources (HR) Manager is between Rs. 2.9 Lakhs – Rs. 13.6 Lakhs. As compared to gender wise 53% of males and 47% of Females have currently occupied the positions of HR in the overall industry. Job Satisfaction rate of HR position is 4 out of 5.

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