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MBA in Finance – Course Details | Colleges | Fees | Scope | Syllabus

Mba in finance course details

Mba in finance course detailsMBA in Finance has today become one of the most popular and demanding specializations in MBA. Boost your career with an MBA Program in Finance and learn advanced finance skills that will help you reach that next level.

This MBA in Finance course is ideal for those looking to become an expert in portfolio management and macro level investment management. You’ll learn new branches of investment that look at human behaviors and market factors. A Postgraduate-level MBA in Finance degree can help you reach your career goals. With the financial management program, you’ll learn traditional business and management skills with a specialization in finance and investment.

MBA in Finance Course Details

The education of MBA in Finance course imparting skills to identify and solve problems in the Department of Finance. MBA Degree Program in Financial Management qualifies candidates to understand the organizational behavior and different managerial tips, and understanding of:

  • Advanced financial management and investment theories
  • Quantitative accounting approaches
  • Behavioral finance and technical analysis
  • Succession planning—a topic rarely taught elsewhere

 Best Colleges for MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance Syllabus

The courses are offered in the following areas:

Financial Management, Management Accounting, Behavioral Finance, Business Analysis and Valuation, Capital Expenditure Planning and Control, Commercial Banking, Commodities Derivatives Market, Corporate Taxation, Financial Analysis, Planning and Control, Financial Decision Making under Information Asymmetries, Financial Markets, Financial Modeling Using Excel, Financial Risk Management, Financial Technical Analysis and Introduction to Global International market Analysis, Fixed Income Securities, Indian Accounting Standards, International Business Economics, International Financial Management, Issues in Empirical Finance, Mergers, Acquisition and Corporate Restructuring, Options and Futures, Risk Management and Insurance, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Social Finance, Impact Investing & Insurance, Structured Finance.

Scope of MBA in Finance

MBA Degree in Finance has a better scope in India due to growing numbers of companies and start-ups. Every company requires a Financial manager and Financial analyst for their Finance department for fully establishing of their business. The candidates belong from MBA in Financial Management are greater in demand by employers and create a large number of jobs in every sector.

MBA in Finance Average Salary

As per the survey of Payscale, National Salary Data of Finance Manager is between Rs. 2.9 Lakhs – Rs. 13.6 Lakhs. As compared to gender wise 61% of males and 39% of Females have currently occupied the positions of Financial manager and Financial analyst in the overall industry. Job Satisfaction rate is 4 out of 5.

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