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Burgeoning of Internet Users in the World

Internet users by Country

According to International World Stats, Out of the Total World Population (7519 million), 3731 millions of people are active internet users in the world. The estimate shows that almost 50% of the world population are internet users at present and in 1995, it was less than 1%. The burgeoning of internet users in the world is the major factor of development, jobs, and growth.

Countries with highest population China and India bags the top two position in rankings. China bags the top position for the highest number of internet users in the world. 52% percent of China population are engaged in the Internet. Whereas only 34% of India population were using the Internet. The growth rate of internet users in India is 90% whereas China has only 11% in the year 2016. The graph shows that India outpaces China with the highest number of Internet users in the world.

Top 10 Countries with Highest Number of Internet Users

Rank Country Name  No. of Users
1. China  1,388,232,693
2. India  1,342,512,706
3. United States  326,474,013
4. Brazil  211,243,220
5. Indonesia  263,510,146
6. Japan  126,045,211
7. Russia  143,375,006
8. Nigeria  191,835,936
9. Germany  80,636,124
10 Mexico  130,222,815

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Burgeoning of Internet users in the world

Top 10 Countries with Highest Internet Penetration

(Percentage of Total Population using the Internet)

Rank Country Name  % 
1. Iceland  98%
2. Bermuda  97%
3. Norway  96%
4. Denmark  96%
5. Andorra  96%
6. UAE  96%
7. Netherlands  95%
8. Luxembourg  95%
9. The Faroe Islands  95%
10 Sweden  94%

According to Internet live Stats 2017, countries with average numbers of hours spent on the Internet in a day (in descending order) are Philippines (9 hrs), Brazil (8.55 hrs), Thailand (8.49 hrs), Indonesia (8.43 hrs), Mexico (8.22 hrs). (including Laptops, Desktops, and Phones).

Top ten countries with Average fixed Internet Speed (in descending order) are South Korea (26.3 Mbps), Hong Kong (20.1 Mbps), Singapore (18.2 Mbps), Japan (18.0 Mbps), United States (16.3 Mbps), United Kingdom (14.9 Mbps), Spain (14.5 Mbps), Canada (13.8 Mbps), Germany (13.7 Mbps) and Thailand (11.7 Mbps).

In 2016, the share of internet use from desktop and laptop only reach 28%. The report shows that year on year it is decreasing by 42%. Whereas, the share of internet use from mobile phones reached 70%. This data estimates that year on year the internet mobile users are growing by 42%.

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