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gre testGRE Test – The GRE General Test is the admissions test conducted globally for aspiring prospective students who want to pursue admission to Graduate and Business schools, other specialized master’s programs, and doctoral degree programs. Students come from different educational and cultural backgrounds are measured through GRE General Test scores for comparing candidates qualifications.

GRE Test Registration Process GRE Test is conducted in two modes: Computer Based Test (Online) and Paper Based Test (Offline). So applicants can register for the computer-based test online or by phone. However, for Paper based test are conducted only in parts of the world where an online testing option is not available. So applicants can register for the paper-based test online or by mail. Candidates require to Sign Up in ETS GRE Official Website for the registration process.

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Value of GRE Test Score

GRE is Globally popular and accepted by thousands of College, Universities, and Organisations. Business and Graduate schools worldwide accept GRE scores for their Master’s programs, MBA Degree Programs, and other Doctoral Programs. Most of the institutions which accept GMAT scores are now provided with GRE Comparison Tool to allows institutions to place GRE scores in the context of GMAT scores. GRE comparison tool will provide estimated GMAT scores.

GRE Test Date and Location

GRE Test is conducted at more than 1,000 test centers and in more than 160 countries Globally. In most regions of the world, the computer-based test is conducted on a continuous basis throughout the year. And in some countries, it is conducted 3 times in a year only. Find Test Centres, Date and Seat Availability.

You can take the online computer-based GRE General Test once every 21 days, up to 5 times within any continuous rolling of the 12-months period.

GRE Test Fees

The Standard Test Administration Fees for GRE Exam is $205. However, GRE Exam Fees for China is $220.70. The GRE Exam fees are subject to change so please visit the official website to see the exact fees amount at any point of time.

GRE Test Preparation and Planning

There are tons of resources available for GRE Test preparation. ETS offers a variety of free and low-cost practice books and tools to help candidates prepare for the GRE General Test effectively. You can also follow GRE Facebook Page for test takers, GRE web forums, and GRE online discussions to acquire more information so you can feel more confident on the exam. Prefer GRE Online Classes for sure success.

GRE Test Syllabus and Pattern

The GRE General Test constitutes of three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing.

Verbal Reasoning Section

The Verbal Reasoning section measures the candidate’s ability to analyze and evaluate the written paragraphs and identify information obtained through it. Analyze relationships among various component, words, and parts of sentences. Understand multiple levels of meanings and structure of texts.

Take a quick view of Verbal Reasoning section, including question types, tips, and solutions.

Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative Reasoning section measures the candidate’s ability to understand and analyze the quantitative information. Solve questions using various mathematical models and apply basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, and data interpretation. Take a quick view of Quantitative Reasoning section, including question types, tips, and solutions.

This section allows you to use an on-screen calculator application. However, if you are giving an offline paper based exam, a calculator will be provided at the test center.

Analytical Writing

The Analytical Writing section measures the candidate’s critical thinking level and analytical writing skills. Ability to discover complex ideas effectively and support ideas with relevant discussions. Ability to control the elements of standard English content.

Take a quick view of  Analytical Writing section, including question types, Sample essays, tips, and more.

The overall GRE exam duration for the computer-based test is about 3 hours & 45 minutes with 10-minutes of a Break following the third section.

GRE Exam Format and Timing
Section (Duration) Questions & Tasks

Analytical Writing

(30 mins per task)

2 Tasks

One section with two separately timed tasks. First Task is to “Analyze an Issue” and the second Task is to “Analyze an Argument”.

Verbal Reasoning

(30 mins per section)

2 sections.

20 questions per section

Quantitative Reasoning

(35 mins per section)

2 sections.

20 questions per section

Unscored Questions and duration Varies
Research Questions and duration Varies

Unscored – An unidentified unscored section that does not count toward your score may be included and may appear in any order after the Analytical Writing section. Questions in the unscored section are being tried out either for possible use in future tests or to ensure that scores on new editions of the test are comparable to scores from earlier editions.

Research –  An identified research section that does not count toward your score may be included in place of the unscored section. The research section will always appear at the end of the test. Questions in this section are included for ETS research purposes.

Note: The GRE test may include questions that are modified versions of past questions which you have already seen on the test. So, even if a question appears to be similar to a question you have already seen before, it can be different and have a different answer. So Be Careful while solving.

Entrance Exams Syllabus and Details


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