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5 Steps To Success in JEE Mains 2018

IIT JEE mains 2018 preparation

IIT JEE mains 2018 preparationJEE Mains 2018: None of the Engineering exams in the country hold such high repute as JEE. Making it the dream target of every Engineering aspirant, striving for admission to IITs, IISC, and NITs etc. Most of such students seek IIT JEE coaching, to better align their approach for preparation.

As the year goes by, the clock is ticking fiercely and indicating how close JEE Mains 2018 seems. While different students adopt different ways and mods for preparations, there are some common approaches that need due consideration. It is, in fact, the nature and suitability of those IIT JEE preparation tricks that might make one’s approach superior and strategic.

5 Steps To Success in JEE Mains 2018

It starts with gaining an insight into the last five/ten years’ question papers

  1. Plan Well:

A perfect plan assists in seamless execution and delivery. So, if the aim is to crack JEE Mains 2018, it’s time to plan and prepare now. Planning milestones and setting goals to achieve those is the first and the basic step. This will also help the aspirants, with a vision and mission. So, while you work towards IIT JEE preparations, a startup by drafting a well thought of a plan.

This is well followed by conducting a trend analysis from past 5 year papers

  1. Analyzing Physics
  • For long, it has been observed that ‘Mechanics’ is the first choice of examiners, while setting the paper and so they allocate the major share of Physics questions from the same.
  • Thereby, some essential avenues to look at could be Fluids, Errors, and Measurements, NLM & Gravitation.
  • Modern Physics closely follows the heels of Mechanics and is deemed to be the second favorite topic.
  • Ray and Wave Optics seem to have had a steady run since the last few years.
  • Moreover, the paper does cover topics of Heat & Thermodynamics, EMI & AC, and Magnetism etc. to some extent, so do touch base.
  • In the dearth of time, aspirants can skip the topic of ‘Elasticity, during their IIT JEE preparation, as it seems to be most neglected one.
  1. Analyzing Chemistry

The JEE Chemistry paper is a perfect amalgamation of Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. And, all three modules seemed to own the same weightage in the past few years exam pattern: +-2-3%

  • In Physical Chemistry: While, chemical kinetics, nuclear chemistry and chemical equilibrium seem to have caught the examiners’ fancy over the last few years. On the other hand, questions from thermodynamics and electrochemistry are on a decline.
  • In Organic Chemistry: Queries from the area of Carbonyls, Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes, Polymers have seen a rise. And, so do the questions on Amino Acids, Polymers, and Carboxylic Acids. However, questions from Nomenclatures and General Organic Chemistry are on a steady decline with every year
  • In Inorganic Chemistry: P Block elements have been the examiner’s favorite since long, closely followed by questions on Coordination Compounds. However, in laxity of time, students can skip S, D and F block compounds. Other significant areas being: periodic properties of elements, chemical bonding, metallurgy etc.,
  1. Analyzing Mathematics

Only ‘practice’ makes you perfect in Mathematics

  • Differential Calculus sees the majority of questions, closely followed by Coordinate Geometry
  • Other important topics be like: Integral Calculus and Vector Analysis and 3D
  • Topics like Binomial Theorem, Matrices & Determinants and Statistics, get steady queries every year
  • Students can choose to devote less time on Probability, and Permutation and Combination, since they receive the lowest weightage.
  1. Enrolling Into Coaching Classes

Professionals have the skills and expertise to help you with, while you tread on the difficult path. They have channelized curriculum and give you an insight into various tips and tricks to crack the next JEE with ease. So, you can absolutely go for JEE preparation classes as well.


Of course, the main purpose is to crack the revered IIT JEE, by winning over your weaknesses as you move forward. To analyze and understand the requirements, plan well and set a schedule. All the best for JEE mains 2018 preparation.

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